Why OnAir Canada

OnAir Canada is a licensed provider of aerial filming and photographic services, with permission to conduct aerial work through Certification granted by Transport Canada.  Established in 2013 and based in Toronto, we are specialists in aerial media production. OnAir Canada’s pilots are S-SFOC qualified and fully insured with public liability, following strict guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of crew, the public, and buildings.

We are committed to making aerial filming and photography affordable for any project and any budget. We aim to take our clients’ projects - such as documentaries, commercials, real estate, weddings, and surveying – to new heights.

OnAir Canada: Amazing aerial filming and photography at an affordable price! For more information, please check the Rates section of our website and book early.

With over ten years of broadcast experience, we also provide training and consulting services in the rapidly expanding commercial drone industry.


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